Sometimes quickly.. sometimes slowly

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Anonymous said: what r u reading at the moment ?

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott


Anonymous said: who were you at 20?

i was held together by crack smoke and glitter


aninfinitefeeling said: Hi there! I love you and all of your posts on insta, I can't believe I just found you on here! You're amazing an you inspire me to be fit and to be proud of myself, thank you so much!

you’re a gem. thanks, b


hunterralexander said: your style is incredible and I'm so jealous

thanks! all black urrything. 


Anonymous said: What is your instagram name? I'm trying to click the insta link but it won't come up



Anonymous said: Serious question.. Can you dance?

"i’ve got moves.. you’ve never seen." WHAT MOVIE?


dockweilersurf said: Takes a real man to call himself a feminist #genderequality! You da real MVP Kyle!

thanks, love. it’s silly that not everyone is viewed as the same worth. we all human.


devohtion said: im sooooo happy i finally found your tumblr. kyle, you are such an inspiration and i really hope to be just like you when i get older! never change please. i love seeing you live out your life through your photography. hope you have a good day and a great upcoming week :)

you’re very kind. thanks. it’s always lovely to hear those things. 


j-woods said: How would you describe you? What is the one thing people assume about you that is not true?

People assume my shyness is arrogance.. but i’m really just socially terrified and a little awkward.


Anonymous said: Are you gay/bi?


You melt the ice in my veins. ❄️💙❄️                              Thanks @scott_myrick et all for nominating me for ALS #IceBucketChallenge photo by: @matthewchauncey  (at Donate
Luna lost her 🌸, but I got a cute new lamp. 💡
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